Haunted house in East Toledo is no laughing matter

There’s nothing sinister about this East Toledo home. Not anymore, at least.

A two-story house in a nondescript neighborhood, the cozy three-bedroom home is white with a metal fence around the front-yard perimeter. Inside the home are hallmarks of an active and bright toddler who loves to draw, talk, and play.

The “feel” of the home is airy and bright — certainly not the heaviness one would expect to encounter in a place so haunted that its two owners left, their daughter feared for her 2½-year-old son’s safety, was the subject of a recent investigation by the paranormal series The Dead Files, and ultimately required an exorcism from a priest.2

The owners are Leslie Mullins, 45, and her longtime partner, Angie Whitty, 43, who sunk almost everything they had into the purchase of the home nearly a dozen years ago, and settled in with Angie’s daughter, Maggie Whitty, now 20, and Leslie’s son, Josh, now 24.

About a year later the family noticed objects would move around the home and even disappear — the kinds of things that happen to everyone and no one thinks twice about.

Until you see a headless woman in a white dress float through the bedroom and disappear through a window.

“When I was in fourth grade,” Maggie says, “I was half-asleep and then Les just woke up and she was screaming and I went in there to comfort her. And she said she saw someone lying next to her, but she didn’t have a head.”

Leslie offers this: “It wasn’t a dream. I saw her walk through the room and out the window. I was awake … . Then after I saw that, when I was rolling over, I looked over and there was a face on the pillow next to me.”

Everyone in the family has seen the apparition since, heard doors opening and closing by themselves, and footsteps, voices, and even singing from unseen figures. Ghostly orbs have also appeared in photos taken inside the home.

But the family’s paranormal troubles were only beginning.

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